Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver


265 Century Avenue South
St. Paul, MN 55125

Main Number: 651-738-9704

Vocation Director: 651-738-9704


Community Information

Local Superior / US Delegate:  Sister Genevieve Kudlik, S.S.P.C.

Vocation Director:
Vocation Phone:  651-738-9704

The Institute of the Sisters of St. Peter Claver was founded in 1894 by the Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska. She started by dedicating her literary talent to fighting slavery and to protesting against the inhuman treatment of women then prevalent in Africa. Gradually she renounced her brilliant position at the Tuscan Court in order to embrace a life of poverty, self-sacrifice, and complete dedication to the service of the missionary Church. Her new institute spread to many countries in Europe, to both Americas, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Though small in number, it has at present sisters of twenty-eight nationalities. Houses in the United States are in Chesterfield, Missouri; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Chicago, Illinois.

The apostolate of their Chesterfield and Chicago houses is mission animation through correspondence with benefactors; through their mission magazine, Echo From Africa; and through personal contact. The apostolate of the St. Paul, Minnesota house is printing Catholic literature for the missions.

Postulancy is six months to two years; novitiate, two years; temporary vows renewed each year for three years, then once for a period of three years; then perpetual vows.

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