Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family


3205 Bear Run Boulevard
Orange Park, FL 32065

Community Information

Regional Superior:  Sister Krystyna Kosakowska, M.S.F

Vocation Director:  Sr. Magdalena Grymuza, M.S.F.
Vocation Phone:  414-813-0701

The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family is a religious order of Sisters founded by Blessed Boleslawa Lament in 1905 in Poland.  Her mission was to promote unity between Catholic and the Orthodox Churches, to share God's Good News with the people through education, and to strengthen the faith of the faithful by acts of mercy and compassion.

In compliance with Blessed Boleslawa's ideas, we want to live like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and to carry the Holy Family's spiritual value to the world.

Our special solicitude is to increase Christian unification by prayers, devotion and work, as Jesus' requested at the Last Supper:  "That they all be one... (John 17, 21).

We are eager to help the ill, lonely and suffering and to put in their lives forgiveness, hope and joy. Also, the Lord sends us to children and youth, to sow in their hearts the grain of reconciliation and love by education in the kindergarten, schools, after school care, prayer and meditation during retreats, and other forms of evangelization.  All our life is "for the greater glory of God and the unity of the Holy Church.

At present, we are about 400 members in Europe, Africa and the United States of America.

We pray that many young women will feel that God speaks their name and invite them to our monastic fellowship by serving God, and working toward unity of Christ's Church.

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