Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


50 Warner Road
Hubbard, OH 44425

Main Number: 330-759-9329

Fax: 330-759-7290


Community Information

Regional Delegate:  Sister Joyce Candidi, O.S.H.J.

Vocation Contact Person:  Sister Joyce Candidi, OSHJ
Vocation Phone:   330-759-9329
Email:  jcoblate@aol.com

The Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Pontifical Order founded in 1894 by Venerable Teresa Casini in Grottaferrata, Italy. Today, the Sisters serve the Church in Italy, the United States, Brazil, India and Africa. The Oblate Sisters are consecrated women who strive to attain union with God by offering their lives for the holiness and support of the diocesan priests. Their special charism is both spiritual and ministerial.

The Sisters are called first of all to pray for priestly holiness and to offer the joys and sorrows of their lives for the good of priests. Ministerially the Sisters care for retired and convalescent priests, collaborate with them in parish ministry which includes teaching, directing religious education, hospital visitation and distribution of the Eucharist to the homebound. Any type of education is welcome and could be useful. A high school diploma is required. Candidates will be accepted until age fifty.

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