Religious Teachers Filippini - Province of St. Lucy Filippini


Villa Walsh
455 Western Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Main Number: 973-538-2886

Vocation Director: 718-259-9844

Fax: 718-236-3364

Community Information

Provincial Superior:  Sister Ascenza Tizzano, M.P.F.

Vocation Director:  Sister Shirlee Tremont, M.P.F.
Vocation Phone:  718-259-9844



The Pontifical Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini (Maestre Pie Filippini) was founded by St. Lucy Filippini in collaboration with Cardinal Marc Antonio Barbarigo in 1704 in Italy. Emphasis was placed on the education of girls especially the children of the poor. In 1910, at the request of St. Pius X, the Religious Teachers Filippini came to the United States. Other foundations in various countries followed.


The Spirit of the Institute finds its true expression in the rich spirituality of St. Lucy Filippini, the Foundress: an interior life of uninterrupted union with God in prayer and intense apostolic activity, which her complete immersion in the divine mysteries made fruitful.


Approximately 1100 Religious Teachers Filippini serve God's people in the United States and in Italy as well as in Brazil, England, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ireland, India, Albania and Switzerland. In the United States, the Maestre serve in four archdioceses and in fourteen dioceses mainly in elementary education, secondary education, home missions, and parish apostolates.


A desire to grow in constant companionship with the Father through Jesus, in the Holy Spirit; the ability to live in community and to serve in the Community's apostolate; average physical, psychological, and emotional health; average intelligence; and completion of high school.


Postulancy: During the postulancy the candidate becomes more clearly conscious of God's call. She is guided to a deeper awareness of her baptismal consecration. This period is normally not less than ten months and does not exceed two years.

Novitiate: The novitiate is the privileged time, which the young lady is led to a more profound understanding of her particular call to holiness and is initiated in the daily living of the religious life according to the spirit of the Institute. The duration of the novitiate is two years; the first year constitutes the canonical year.

Juniorate: The juniorate continues in every aspect the formative action of the novitiate. It consolidates the spiritual, doctrinal, professional, and apostolic formation required to actuate in the Church the mission begun by Saint Lucy. This period of formation is not less than three years and, normally, not more than five.

Perpetual Oblation: This offering is a responsible, free, and perpetual gift of the person's life to God that he may consecrate her for his service as she lives the evangelical counsels according to the spirit of St. Lucy Filippini.

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