School Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis


119 Franciscan Way
P.O. Box 906
Panhandle, TX 79068


Fax: 806-537-5498

Community Information

Regional Superior: Sister Mary Michael Huseman, O.S.F.
Regional Vicaress:  Sister Mary Ana Steele, O.S.F.

Vocation Director:  Sister Mary Michael Huseman, O.S.F.

Vocation Phone:  806-537-3182

Founded in Hallein, Salzburg in 1723 by Mother Hyazintha Zechner, the Congregation of the School Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis took as its purpose the education of the daughters of the salt miners of Salzburg. In 1845, the Empress Karolina Augusta requested the sisters' presence in Vienna to educate the daughters of the militia. In addition to our Motherhouse in Vienna, we now have houses in Texas where we work in Catholic elementary schools; we help to staff a nursing home; and we work with religious education programs in different parishes. We also have houses in Argentina.

Our religious family, the School Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis, a congregation of papal right, has for its purpose: to follow Christ in the spirit of St. Francis by living the evangelical counsels, and by pursuing in a spirit of selfless love and joyful sacrifice the work of our foundress--the Christian education of youth. In addition to this apostolate, especially emphasized by the Second Vatican Council, "We gladly dedicate ourselves to works of Christian charity wherever the need calls us, according to our strength and within the framework of our Constitutions." (Constitutions, Chapter One)

Applicants from 17 to 35 will be given consideration and an opportunity to visit. A desire to surrender oneself to God in the service of the Church is perhaps the most essential prerequisite!

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