Domus Sanctae Mariae Guadalupe

Our House of Studies in Rome

In April of 1999, inspired by Saint John Paul II’s desire for seminarians and young priests to “know” the Church by studying in Rome, CMSWR opened a house of studies in Rome: Domus Sanctae Mariae Guadalupe. The Domus reflects the spiritual vision of CMSWR and allows religious sisters to “experience the Church in a far more profound and dynamic way.” The sisters’ close proximity to the Vicar of Christ helps form them as strong ecclesial women at the service of the Church. In addition, the cross-community ties formed at the Domus help to promote a mutual understanding, respect, and love for one another’s gifts to the Church with the ultimate goal of enriching and fortifying religious life and the Church.

Park beside the Domus

The Domus is in a four-story building located within walking distance of the Vatican and Rome’s Pontifical Universities.  This house of studies is open to members and their communities who desire to live in a communal setting. Meals, prayers, chores are all shared in common. The sisters also have the opportunity to attend special Masses, events and services at the heart of the Church.

The Domus offers a variety of programs throughout the year including:

On returning to the States, these sisters bring to their respective communities the lived experience and the spiritual fruits of Rome.

For more information about the Domus view our brochure, or contact the National Office.


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