God has given a special vocation, a unique mission, to each person. It lies within the soul, waiting to be discovered. The realization of one’s vocation can occur at different stages in one’s life. For some, it is an easy and almost effortless discovery. For others, it can be a long and arduous search.

The word “discernment” comes from the Latin “discernere” which means “to separate.” When one is “discerning”, it means she is taking time apart in order to pray, think, reflect, and discover the unique plan God has for her life.

The vocation to the consecrated life is a special call from God. To begin the discernment process, it is important to follow a program of spiritual growth. Some points to include are daily personal prayer, increased attendance at Mass, reception of the Eucharist, more frequent confessions, involvement in some parish or other religious-sponsored activity, practicing the virtues, and speaking with a trusted Confessor or spiritual mentor who will guide you in the process.



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