Rome Summer Renewal Program

The Rome Summer Renewal Program is one of the programs offered by CMSWR house of studies in Rome, the Domus Sanctae Mariae Guadalupe.  Now in its seventh year, the Rome Summer Renewal Program has been a successful annual pilgrimage. It offers presentations on religious life and the Church, the spiritual life and evangelization. In addition to the talks by learned and inspiring prelates and professors, the days include time for prayer and guided tours of historical sites and churches, basilicas, and places where the apostles and saints lived, witnessed to their faith, prayed, and died. Every summer program hosts a blog, recounting the inspirations, blessings, and events. Check out the most recent blogs below.

Domus Summer Program 2019

The 2019 Rome Summer Renewal Program will run from June 20 to July 12, 2019. Stay tuned for more information.

Domus Summer Program 2018

The 2018 Rome Summer Renewal Program ran from June 22 to July 13, 2018. Ten sisters from five communities participated. Journey in grace with them through their blog here.

Domus Summer Blog 2017

The 2017 Rome Summer Renewal Program runs from June 21, 2017 to July 13, 2017. Eight sisters from four communities are participating. Follow their blog here.

Domus Summer Blog 2016

The 2016 Rome Summer Renewal Program was held from June 23, 2016 to July 15, 2016.  Eight sisters from four communities participated. Learn more about their experience by visiting their blog here.

Domus Summer Blog 2015

The 2015 Rome Summer Renewal Program was held from June 23, 2015 until July 13, 2015 and included 13 sisters from eight communities. Learn more about the beauty, blessings, and Grace received as a result of this renewal program by visiting their blog.


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