Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus

Main Number: 507-276-9128

Vocation Director

Phone: 507-276-9128



Holy Trinity Convent
515 N. State Street
New Ulm, MN 56073

The Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus (Ancillae Cordis Jesu) live in imitation of Mary as handmaid, virgin, bride, and mother in the diocesan life of the Church, carrying out the new evangelization in parishes. To this end, we profess vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, living a contemplative-active consecrated life of humble service to the Heart of Jesus.

As diocesan sisters, we bring a feminine consecrated presence to parishes. Our apostolates include catechesis/faith formation, youth ministry, family life/marriage preparation, liturgy coordination, liturgical music, sacristy work, visitation of the sick and elderly, and education in Catholic schools.

The Handmaids were established as a public association of the lay faithful in 2010 in the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, with the intention of becoming a religious community of diocesan right.


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Washington, DC 20017-0467

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